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Few, Fun Christmas Tree Facts

December 22, 2010 by  
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Just thought we would share a few, fun Christmas tree facts with you.  And just maybe these Christmas tree facts will help you win that holiday trivia game.

  • Evergreen trees are not really EVER green. The needles of coniferous trees don't stay on forever. As the needles become older, they drop off the tree to make room for new needles!
  • Today, 98% (98 of every 100) of the trees grown for the holidays are grown on farms.
  • The Christmas tree for the White House has to be exactly 18 1/2 feet tall and look great with the decorations chosen by the First Lady.
  • In October or November, the Head Usher of the White House visits the farm of the National Christmas Tree Association's Grand Champion grower for the year to select the perfect tree. Holiday trees were once used by Chimney Sweeps to clean the soot out of dirty chimneys!
  • Real Conifer needles need just the right amount of sunlight for the tree to produce food. The triangle shape of the tree is an adaptation that allows more needles to "see" the sun.
  • As a tree grows older and taller, less sunlight reaches the needles on the lower part of the tree. When this happens, the lower areas shed their needles – and eventually – their branches.
  • Trees help filter dust and smog from the air AND they help stop erosion by holding soil in place!
  • Moose, Whitetail deer, chickadees, squirrels, nutcrackers, and porcupines all use the Balsam fir (its needles or seeds) for food.


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  1. Seab says:

    Mine is going up next Tuesday. I finish scohol Monday, Geoff is off Tuesday, and this year it’s non-glass ornaments, thanks to the addition of one curious, but adorable, cat.